Designates a project

CBS Local Media Ad Center

CBS Local

CBS Local launched a new online ad-buying center and asked me to help them explain to advertisers how it worked. Being a media company, we agreed that a incorporating video along with animation would make for a dynamic final product that would help convey the potential impact of their advertising commitment while also explaining the process.

Ro Strong

Ro Strong

Roseann Sdoia has always been admired by her friends for her indomitable spirit and can-do attitude. It's no surprise that after the Boston Marathon attack that Roseann became one of the faces for the survivors, helping to give hope to an entire city.

Math Word Problems

Law of Sines

The idea of “Flipping the Classroom," using class time to work through homework, has been around for awhile. The problem has been finding appropriate material to use as the lesson for the students at home. I worked with high school math teacher John Schnatterly to create a series of videos about trigonometry that he could assign as homework to his classes.