How It Works

  • 1. The Interview
    The fun begins by telling your story. Interviews usually last 30 minutes and can happen from the comfort of your own home, in person or over the internet!
  • 2. Pick a Style!
    We offer a variety of styles! If there is a style you have in mind, please contact us to discuss it.
  • 3. Sketches
    Time to see the cartoon you! You’ll receive sketches of yourself in your chosen style, and have the chance to make any changes you see fit.
  • 4. Audio Cut
    You’ll get to choose from three different story lengths (1-2 minutes, 3-4 minutes, and 5+ minutes) and help decide which details are too important to lose, and which ones land on the cutting room floor.
  • 5. The Rough Cut
    The sketches are approved and the audio is set. Now we draw feverishly and put them all together! Once the rough video is ready you’ll have a chance to make edits and last minute changes.
  • 6. The Final Video!
    Here it is! Ready to amaze your family and friends! The video is rendered in high quality 1080p HD format and can be delivered to you as a password-protected video on Vimeo, a DVD, or a Quicktime file.