Maureen Cotton Photography: Smiles

Maureen wanted to show her clients what makes her stand out from other photographers. This is what we came up with.

Ro Strong

Roseann has always been admired by her friends. After the Boston Marathon, they wanted to show her how much.

Carla and Her Family

Carla Ten Eyck wanted to showcase her personality and what makes her different from other photographers in a series of videos. Here's one about her family.

The Haunting of John Flynn

Think being an actor in New York is scary? Wait until you see THIS!

Grace and Nick

Did Grace and Nick escape certain peril and fall in love? Find out!

John and Rose

How far would you go to make a Missed Connection?

Video Love Notes

Shout it from the streets! Show the world how much you love that certain someone with a video love note!

Animated Promos

Drawn Stories isn't just for lovers. Give your business a kick with an animated promo!

Christmas in July!

Christmas in July and a proposal worth remembering, shot for shot.

Dawn and Justin

We all have terrible dates. They don't all end like this.

Joanne and the Dragon

2012 off to a bad start? Don't worry! The Dragon is here to help!